Binoculars 7 X 50 Waterproof

Binoculars 7 X 50 Waterproof

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When you know that a binocular is fitted with BAK-4 Porro prisms, you know that the product is quality. A further testament to the quality is the fact that it has multiple lens and prism coatings. This magnificent instrument has a light transmission efficiency of just over 90% - about as good as you get even in the top-of-the-range units. So, we introduce the 7x50 Waterproof Binoculars with Compass and Rangefinder.
This product weighs in at a hefty 1kg and it’s that weight for a reason. (Opera glasses they ain’t!!) These binoculars have a heavy frame to ensure waterproof integrity. They also have the BAK-4 glass inside which is a denser, finer Barium Crown glass, which eliminates internal light scattering. The weight, incidentally actually helps stabilise the instrument in your hands. It also features a full bearing compass, which works well in daylight but can be illuminated in night vision-saving red. It also has a rangefinder reticule.


Multi-coated internal optics
Fully waterproof construction/fog proof
Porro prisms throughout
27.4mm eye relief
Rubberised body
Individual eye focus
Nitrogen filled, O-rings throughout
Floating neck strap
3 Year Limited Warranty

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