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Bruder 03198 Case I H Optum 3000 With Trailer

Bruder 03198 Case I H Optum 3000 With Trailer

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Most of all, autumn is the time when farmers need to collect all those silage and straw bales dotted around the landscape and bring them back to the stable or barn. BRUDER offers a new, fascinating vehicle combination for this activity. The Optum series offers powerful, compact and extremely agile tractors with an outstanding performance weight. These models master any challenge with maximum output, efficiency as well as reliability and impress with their new design. In terms of design, functionality and quality the new BRUDER model at a scale of 1:16 owns up to it all, in line with the company's motto "just like the real thing". The cab is fully glazed and features easy-to-open doors. The folding bonnet provides access to the impressive engine. Excellent handling and ride comfort thanks to the installed oscillating axle as well as the steering wheel extension that is inserted through the roof. A fully functional front loader has been fitted to this model to enhance the fun. The height-adjustable rear coupling is compatible with all Professional series trailers. The new, detachable wheels add to the fun. It goes without saying that all BRUDER agricultural trailers and equipment are compatible with this tractor.

The BRUDER bale transport trailer is characterised by folding edge rails and includes 8 round bales. Consequently this trailer is the perfect partner for bale transport. The farmer figure set (item no. 62610) is an ideal addition from the ample bworld range to enhance the already vast potential for quality play time.

Recommended age: suitable from 3 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoorsMade by Brudersteerable, off-road full floating axledoors can be openedengine bonnet can be opened
Compatible with figure
Detachable wheels

- Cab made from transparent, high-quality plastic
- Engine bonnet can be opened
- Doors can be opened

- Detachable front weight
- Tow coupling with height-adjustable lifting gear
- Receiver for front loader

- All-terrain oscillating axle
- Steerable, off-road full floating axle
- Tread tyres
- Detachable wheels

- Additional steering rod allows steering through the sliding tractor roof

- Recommended age: suitable from 3 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
- Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
- Compatible with figure
- Made by Bruder
- Scale 1:16

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