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Hanayama Huzzle

Hanayama Huzzle

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Hanayama is world renowned when it comes to designing and making high quality cast metal puzzles. The puzzles are the right size; they can fit in your pocket to bring out for puzzling fun at any time. They come in a range of difficulty ratings; from easy to the very difficult level 6/6. It’s just so satisfying when you solve one yourself so join the fun and collect them all.

The Cast Puzzle and the Hanayama story… reproduced from a brochure written by the Development Team at Hanayama in Japan.

Britain in the 19th century:
The nobles and citizens, brimming over with inventiveness and curiosity are said to have created a boom in puzzles. A great variety of puzzles came into existence during this period. Among those puzzles, we have attempted to bring back to life the “Cast Metal Puzzle”. To create the puzzles, zinc alloy is melted and poured into a metal mould. Upon its completion after precise finishing the puzzles are name the “Cast Puzzle” series due to its manufacturing process name; the die cast method.

The allure of the Cast Puzzle….
The Cast puzzles have both a challenge and a difficulty level element that wire puzzles, generally known as “disentanglement puzzles”, don’t have. People who try them experience refreshing stimulation as no force is necessary and this arouses their interest in solving them. The Cast Puzzles offer an unlimited amount of mystery. Its collectability is also one of its appeals. Once you solve one, you will no doubt want to challenge yourself by solving more. Again, there are no answers in the set, as we want you to solve the puzzles on your own and experience real fulfilment.

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