Kit And Cons Wood Ballista Siege

Kit And Cons Wood Ballista Siege

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This is a ballista model 3D wooden puzzle of an ancient battlefield siege. It scales according to the original ballista, and ancient elements such as loop patterns are added to the appearance. Generally, the bowstring of the crossbow arrow is arc-shaped, and this product uses the arc as the basis, and the bowstring of the crossbow body has been improved to fit the characteristics of the ancient siege equipment.
Patterns matching the ancient siege equipment are bent around the base and crossbow body. The product only needs to gently pull the trigger, and then you can experience the joy of operating the siege equipment. This 3D wooden puzzle is a perfect educational toy for kids, teens, and adults. Challenge yourself by assembling it with your own hands. Includes 3 x arrows & target figurine.

142 Pieces
Ages 14+
2-3 Hour Build Time
Dimensions: 210(L) x 190(H) x 185(W)mm

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