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Are ready for a fast-paced game? If yes, then Scattergories Game from Hasbro is something that you definitely should try. A fast thinking game based on categories and words. So, get ready to roll the die, flip the sand timer, and think of the answers of each category on the category list. The players of this card game race against the timer as they write down answers such as things in a musical group, a vegetable, a reason to have a party, and items found in a bakery- each beginning with a letter C. The best part is you score points for writing down things no one else did. The more creative your answers, the more points you score in Scattergories. The game comes with more than 190 categories and 20 letters on the die. This game is so exciting that you would want to play it again and again! Made from durable paper and plastic material, Scattergories game comes with the game pieces, pencils, instructions and cards. This game can be played by players aged 12 years and above. The number of players required are 2-6.

A fast-thinking categories game
Be different and win points
More than 3,500 category combinations
Play up to 6 players or teams
Perfect for players aged 12 years and above
Includes: 6 folders, answer pad, 20-sided die, 48 category cards, timer, and instructions

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