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Travel Towel Micro Fibre S

Travel Towel Micro Fibre S

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- Compact and fast drying, these towels are ideal for camping, travelling, the gym and all outdoor sports activities. - Made from ultrafine microfibre that is 100 times finer than human hair, these towels will still remain soft after prolonged use
- The unique Dr Bacty™ protection ensures that while it dries quickly it also has excellent absorption and effective anti-bacterial properties. At the time of manufacture, the anti-bacterial effectiveness of the towel is rated at 99.9%.::

- Made from ultrafine microfibre (85% polyester/15% nylon)
- Anti-bacterial and odour resistant
- Super absorbent and fast drying
- Compact and lightweight
- Includes resealable two compartment storage bag
- Ideal for all outdoor activity
- 60 x 120cm


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