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Vtech Little Singing Cody

Vtech Little Singing Cody

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Best for ages:
3 to 18 Months


Light-up pockets and sliding zip introduce emotions, colours, and numbers with lots of fun phrases, sing-along songs, popular tunes and sounds.


Little Singing Cody™ is an adorably cute learning toy for little ones to enjoy! Press the 2 light-up pockets and slide the chunky zip to learn emotions, objects, colours and numbers with lots of fun encouraging phrases, 3 inviting sing-along songs, 15 popular melodies and fun sound effects. Pressing the buttons develops fine motor skills while your little ones senses will be stimulated by the flashing lights, fun sounds and huggable textures. Cody can be attached to a cot, car seat or pushchair using the useful strap for fun on the go. English speaking voice promotes recognition and accelerates learning.
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