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Bushman Naturals 145ml Spray

Bushman Naturals 145ml Spray

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BUSHMAN NATURALS A natural alternative for the whole family; Bushman Naturals is the result of many years of research, testing and refinement of natural insect repellent actives. Bushman Naturals provides up to 9 hours of protection from mosquitoes. It also repels Mosquitoes, Sandflies, Black Flies, Stable Flies and Midges PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: - 9 Hour Protection Time - Time Release Technology - Sweat & Water Resistant - Pleasant Neutral Scent - Comfortable Skin Feel - Family Friendly (suitable for anyone over 12 months) SPECIFICATIONS - 145ml NET - Aerosol-free Pump Spray - High Quality Aluminium Can Packaging - Fine-mist Spray


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