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Collapsible Rectangle Dish

Collapsible Rectangle Dish

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Rectangular blue collapsible dish.

Washing food, soaking clothes, storing toys, books, kitchen items … use it for almost anything! It’s a handy, multi-purpose dish that you’re sure to be constantly thankful for. And because space is valuable in an RV, it has a nifty collapsible design for a simple storage solution.

- Made from high strength BPA free plastic, firmly bonded to blue silicone
- Plastic base and lid so it will maintain its shape
- Small feet on underside of dish for additional stability
- Ingenious collapsible design allows to to minimize to the right capacity
– Great for a multitude of purposes: storing items and food or washing dishes and clothes

270mm (d) x 370mm (w) x 120mm (h)
Collapsed Height: 50mm


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