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R C Carrera 1:14 Ford Raptor White

R C Carrera 1:14 Ford Raptor White

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- Ford F-150 Raptor
- Carrera RC
- Direct-controlled pick-up truck
- Length 39.5 cm
- Age 6 years plus

When you drive up with the Ford F-150 Raptor, all eyes are immediately on it, because the orange-black flame design on a white background of the pick-up truck really makes a big deal and always makes you look like a winner! Thanks to an official license from Ford, our pick-up truck is exactly modeled after its big brother. So you have your own little Ford Raptor. Front and rear lights do not stop it even in poor visibility conditions and thanks to splash guards, even bad weather and puddles can not harm it. So you have the chance to run with your Ford pick-up track in any weather and on any route you choose or just have fun! Its wide tires and high ground clearance will also help you!

Powering on the racetrack
With its 40cm length, your Ford F-150 Raptor can cover any distance and can be used universally, while the pick-up cracks a top speed of up to 18 km/h. With your race car you can race for 40 minutes, drive off-road or just jet around until you have to "refuel" it. But after just 80 minutes, your race car is ready to go again. The Digital Proportional control with 2.4 GHz technology allows your Ford to control continuously and variably in all directions and also impresses with cool design. Barely unpacked, you can start with the Ford immediately thanks to "Ready to Run"! So there is no long wait for the first ride with the new vehicle. During breaks or during downtimes of your Ford, its hi-tech battery switches off automatically and thus saves the necessary energy. This means that you are ready for use again faster and save yourself unnecessary minutes of waiting when charging.

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